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“The perfect gift for the family caregiver in your life.”Front cover of Caregiver's Guide book

From Duty to Devotion

Are you a family caregiver suffering confusing and frightening emotions, such as anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, and other hurts? What can you do?

Emotions affect health.

Fortunately, there are “7 secrets” to help you alleviate the pain of the ups and downs of your demanding role as a family caregiver and be the version of yourself that you desire.

This guide will help you achieve improved emotions that lead to better health and enhanced well-being.

In “7 Secrets to Replace Negative Triggers with Positive Emotions,” you’ll discover how to:

  1. Identify your current state of emotion (and emotional triggers)
  2. Create a deliberate positive emotional state
  3. Free yourself from automatic negative thoughts (ANTs)
  4. Prevent family miscommunication and manage conflict
  5. Boost your physical, mental, financial, and emotional well-being
  6. Choose to act the love
  7. Plan your post-caregiving future/find your life purpose

Rosa Chillis has a Master of Education degree and is a health wellness writer who provides advice and guidance to support women seeking to improve their overall well-being and lead healthier lives.  As an experienced caregiving wife, she has walked in your shoes.

Book Reviews:

Hi Rosa!

I finished your wonderful book last week and quoted from it during yoga! Here’s a review for you.

This is a must-read for caregivers! Beautifully written from personal experience, it identifies and addresses negative emotions that caregivers go through while offering useful and positive tools to create and maintain healthy and loving relationships. After reading this, you will know that you are not alone and that it is possible to feel healthy and whole again.

Carolyn Martinez

200RYT Yoga Instructor


I Love that it is secrets that you do that want to tell. I was able to use one of the Positive Emotions for Guilt to confirm the way I love my children and raise them. Thank you, Rosa Chillis for sharing your secrets, all so true to me. I am grateful to be on your path to having received a personal copy of your book

Thank you,

Laquetta Buchanan

Resident Experience Manager/

Attiva Lewisville Active Adult Community


“Thoughtful and enlightening; sure to be a calming and reassuring resource for caregivers.”—Kirkus Reviews


“The self-assessment on page 4 is a terrific tool to lead off before introducing the 7 secrets … a well-organized, easy to understand and implement book that I will definitely consider sharing with my friend and anyone else who may need the information.”—7th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book 2020 Awards commentary